Please use this link to print and fill out an application.
You can drop your completed application through the mailslot located next to our office front door at any time, or bring the application with you to your viewing appointment. Please be sure to include the application fee (detailed below) with your completed application.


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Credit Check Policy & Application Fee
Company policy requires that all applicants applying for an apartment/house must complete an application. Applications must be FULLY COMPLETED (both pages) in order to be considered. Applications will not be checked until they are complete.

CreditLink Corp., a professional tenant screening company, checks all applications. They will verify all information provided, including addresses, job, income, credit history, employment history and rental history. We will only rent to a tenant approved by CreditLink Corp.

The credit checking process costs us $30 for each application. Roommates must fill out separate applications. The credit checking cost is $30 per person. To offset this cost, we charge the same fee to the applicant. The application fee must be paid to us at the time the completed application is returned to us.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act establishes criteria and procedures for credit checking. It allows a landlord to run a credit report on a prospective tenant, and to charge for that report. If the credit check reveals negative information that the applicant disputes, it is our responsibility to provide to the applicant the name and phone number of the agency which provided the information.

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